ZONE BOWLING Rooty Hill RSL Results and Vacancies

MONDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
BEGINNERS LUCK10:00Mixed Day League3106
THE REBELS7:00pMixed Night League3183

TUESDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
DAMSELS10:00Mixed Day League342
JUNIOR WARRIORS3:40pMixed Junior League4815
WESTERN WARRIORS6:30pMixed Night League4143
ZODIAC6:30pMixed Night League4100
TUESDAY MIXED DOUBLES7:00pMixed Night League280

WEDNESDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
TEARAWAY10:00Mixed Day League367
STRIKERS7:30pMixed Night League2168

THURSDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
OFF CUTS10:00Mixed Day League3120
CASINO7:00pMixed Night League2140
TELSTAR DOUBLES8:00pMixed Night League2124

FRIDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
HURRICANE10:00Mixed Day League260
GO SET6:50pMixed Night League380
BOWLEROZ TGIF7:00pMixed Night League2100

SATURDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
ROCKETS DIV A09:00Mixed Day League282
HALINDA09:15Mixed Day League52650
SPECIAL OLYMPICS B11:30Mixed Day League446
SPECIAL OLYMPICS A11:30Mixed Day League340
CUMBERLAND FILPAC11:30Mixed Day League564
FUNWEEKENDERS5:00pMixed Night League266

SUNDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
PHANTOM00:00Mixed Day League1140
CBSF 20212:00pMixed Day League3106
ROD WALLER MEMORIAL LEAGUE7:00pMixed Night League1100