ZONE BOWLING Richlands Results and Vacancies

MONDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
SPARING LEAGUE4:00pMixed Day League162
SPECIAL OLYMPICS BUMPERS6:00pMixed Night League162
Special 06:00pMixed Night League1221
BRUNSWICK LEAGUE7:30pMixed Night League1362

TUESDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
ZODIACS6:30pMixed Night League41616
GOODTIME7:00pMixed Night League443
HAPPY ROLLERS1:00pMixed Day League1247

WEDNESDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
WEDNESDAY WARRIORS4:30pMixed Day League1121
RICHLANDS TIGERS6:30pMixed Night League382
RICHLANDS RAVERS10:00Mixed Day League4169

THURSDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
All Stars7:00pMixed Night League2200
THURSDAY SMILEY CLUB5:00pMixed Junior League1100

FRIDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
WARRATAHS10:00Mixed Day League160

SATURDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
RENEGADES09:30Mixed Day League2182
SUPER STARS11:15Mixed Day League32015

SUNDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Have a Ball League6:30pMixed Night League2122
Phantom Cash League11:00pMixed Day League1201