ZONE BOWLING Moorabbin Results and Vacancies

MONDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
MONDAY SHOPPERS10:00Mixed Day League263
ACES - 201910:00Mixed Day League360
CLASSIC SINGLES - 39136:30pMixed Night League1242

TUESDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
ROYALS - 390309:30Mixed Day League243
RED CROWN 2019 (1)12:59Mixed Day League387
TUESDAY DBLS - 39906:30pMixed Night League262
SOCIAL CLUB6:40pMixed Night League4146
TUESDAY MIXED DOUBLES - 39348:15pMixed Night League280

WEDNESDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
SAINT JETSONS-390409:30Mixed Day League480
A LEAGUE OF OUR OWN -390609:30Mixed Day League160
THE SOCIABOWLS10:00Mixed Day League1124
WEDNESDAY JUNIOR LEAGUE4:15pMixed Junior League240
WED PHOENIX8:00pMixed Night League262
STOPPING ALL STATIONS - 39328:00pMixed Night League2144

THURSDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
EARLYBIRDS - 390709:30Mixed Day League461
WHAT THE?10:30Mixed Day League340
CLAYTON THURSDAY DOUBLES6:30pMixed Night League264
THURSDAY DBLES - 39376:30pMixed Night League2103
69 ERS - 39408:00pMixed Night League4104

FRIDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
LIZ SMITHERS LEAGUE10:00Mixed Day League1168
JACKS AND JILLS10:30Mixed Day League283

SATURDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
SUNSHINE - 392210:00Mixed Junior League4202
PTBL6:30pMixed Night League3103

SUNDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Special Olympics Victoria10:00Mixed Day League460