ZONE BOWLING Boronia Results and Vacancies

MONDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
First Up10:00Mixed Day League441
The Young Ones1:00pMixed Day League384
Premiers6:30pMixed Night League261
Strikers6:30pMixed Night League260
Monday Rollers7:00pMixed Night League3100

TUESDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Tuesday 2UP09:30Mixed Day League283
Tuesday Early Birds09:30Mixed Day League383
Tuesday Twins12:00Mixed Day League180
Trailblazers1:00pMixed Day League4103
Tuesday Gators4:30pMixed Junior League3611
Tuesday Crocs4:30pMixed Day League220
Broncos6:30pMixed Night League3147
Tuesday Turkeys6:30pMixed Night League445
Legends8:00pMixed Night League480

WEDNESDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Rainbow Wanderers09:30Mixed Day League4100
Chipmunks09:30Female Day League182
Midday Marvels12:00Mixed Day League2140
Golden Oldies1:00pMixed Day League486
Wednesday Happy Gang1:15pMixed Day League384
Wednesday Gators4:30pMixed Junior League324
Wednesday Night Strikers6:15pMixed Night League4187
I.T.S8:30pMixed Night League2102
F-Troop8:30pMixed Night League2140

THURSDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Boronia Early Birds09:30Mixed Day League464
Knox Early Birds09:30Mixed Day League3124
Pacesetters1:00pMixed Day League3122
Boronia Bumpers4:30pMixed Junior League141
Boronia Juniors4:30pMixed Day League141
Thursday Gators4:30pMixed Junior League4616
Thursday Crocs4:30pMixed Junior League349
Thursday Juniors5:00pMixed Junior League242
Twilite6:15pMixed Night League4183
3UP8:30pMixed Night League362

FRIDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Poets10:00Mixed Day League242
Valentines6:30pMixed Night League262
Duos6:50pMixed Night League2103

SATURDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Melbourne Eastern Ranges09:00Mixed Day League1363
Saturday Stars09:30Mixed Junior League180
Sat Screamers09:30Mixed Junior League220
Saturday Gators09:30Mixed Junior League3814
Strike Force10:45Mixed Junior League52249
Pinbusters12:00Mixed Junior League385
Saturday Doubles5:30pMixed Night League2102
P.S.C.M.6:15pMixed Night League383

SUNDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
High Rollers League02:00Mixed Day League1204
Trojans12:00Mixed Day League463
EBONITE7:00pMixed Night League2121